Holidays are around the corner…

Today, a shameless plus for my t shirt company: CrofTee ….

It is a purely Facebook driven company, and I try to post a new shirt/hoodie/hat/mug daily.  They are all based n the SunFrog platform.

I have been hearing about You Tubes algorithms, and have been wondering if Facebook is the same way, the more likes, the more exposure.  Certainly, the people who have liked it may see something from my posts in their news feed.  But across the world wide Facebook platform?  I wonder how that works.  If you do, or have some thoughts about it, give me a like, and comment.  I love comments, as they are one of the reason why we post these blogs in the first place, right?!

Hoodie Leg man

Here is the design for today.  Please visit CrofTee, and give me a like!  Drop by and check out all my designs, and thanks!






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