SPAMMER!   Just like any business, an online only business needs people to know about the business, become familiar with it, trust it, and then to buy and make purchases from it.  If you don't have eyes on your product, opportunity, or whatever it is, then your sales will be anemic at best. Advertising and …

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Flash Ad, CrofTee

Get this T-Shirt, +10 bonus to Blogging skills and idea generation, while wearing.   Ok, so obviously, this is meant for fun.  My affiliate t-shirt company, CrofTee, has some cool designs, and being a blogger, thought I would share this one with you all. It is for sale, click here to follow the link and …

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There’s GOLD in them thar hills!

Survey says …. Go for Gold! Good morning everyone, I am here with coffee, and am inspired to write a blog post about a fun new way for me to work from home, the Power Lead System.  It is a great way to get set up with Lead attainment, and offers different levels for people …

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Boo ! It’s that time of year again ….

Well, maybe I'm a bit early.  But my local Home Depot already has quite a Halloween display going on.  Take the kids and investigate! (shameless plug for Home Depot, I know). What I really wanted to share tonight was my T-Shirt company's new shirt, one that I know will resonate very well with my like …

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Azerite labyrinth

This from one of the WOW players I follow. I just hit 120, and am confused by the whole new Azerite gear system too.


I have spent the better part of Battle for Azeroth thus far being confounded by the intricacies of the whole Azerite gear system. Parts of it are obvious, yet many other parts are a dark labyrinth I seem to be navigating blindfolded. I decided to try and break it out into a system I can understand, so I made myself some notes. If you think they might be useful to you, you can check them out by navigating to the menu item at the top of this page.

Meanwhile, here are some scattered observations (not well organized, I warn you) on the system.

The artifact weapons of Legion have morphed into Azerite gear in Battle for Azeroth. Blizz clearly realized artifacts had some problems, so they tried to fix them in BFA. In the process, unfortunately, they have created a system that is vastly complex — arguably even more so than…

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